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  FiFi is a delightful girl who lives in Lyon, France.
She lives in a small apartment.
There is a bed, a TV, and a mini kitchen.
Sometimes, she cooks simple Chinese food at home.
  She has a couple of lovely mice — White and Gray.
They are her family and best friends in France.
FiFi uses egg box and wood flour to make them a sweet home.
She likes to watch them play, sleep and eat in the cages.



FiFi works at a bakery.
There are many types of fresh bread and cakes, including croissant, bagel, pain au chocholate, baquette and sweetest desserts.
Baquette is one of her favorite. She loves to eat Baquette with strawberry jam.
The bakery chef is a nice Italian man. He has lots of passion for bakery, and makes delicious bread and Italian cuisine.


FiFi loves travel.
When she has holiday, she will pull her luggage and visit other cities.
Paris, London, Tokyo, New York and Taipei...

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